Sunday, November 19, 2017

Australian Hygienic Ventilated Air

Clean Air 'Cos We Care




When talking about toilet exhaust cleaning, not only for visual reasons but once again it is necessary to clean the toilet exhaust systems for health and performance reasons. Heavy build up of particulate on grills of toilet exhausts can affect the normal operation of the system and can also play havoc on ones breathing, inhalation or has been found to cause hay fever.

A human body looses hair and skin every day not to mention the amount of lint and dust that is sucked up through your exhaust systems Once accumulation occurs it reduces the designed air flow and efficiency of the exhaust systems preventing the removal of odours and other materials causing a potential health risk within the workplace including a risk of fire

How often should I have my toilet exhaust cleaned?

Whilst there is no real standard or guidelines for toilet exhaust cleanliness it all depends on how often the bathroom is used, for example the exhaust system in the master en-suite would capture build up faster than that of the spare bathroom just because of usage. but as a guide you should inspect your toilet exhaust once a year.

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