Sunday, November 19, 2017

Australian Hygienic Ventilated Air

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Split System Air-conditioning units often have a Moderate to Heavy build up of microbial growth, such as mold, mildew, fungi spores and other bacteria, effecting both health and efficiency, this has been verified by leading authorities such as the EPA in the US, CSIRO and ASHRAE. Air-conditioning and ducted systems that contain visible dust, debris and mold build up on their internal parts create indoor pollution leading to many health conditions.

Below are some symptoms that your air-conditioning system may need to be hygienically Cleaned:

  • Making you feel sick?
  • Leak water?
  • Giving off an unpleasant odour?

Any of these symptoms may suggest that your system is congested with a range of dust and debris or even microbial growth.

Why does my air-conditioning accumulate mold?

When dust, debris, bacteria and microbial particles are drawn through the heating and air conditioning system (HVAC) they build up to form a Bio-film over the internal parts. This build up restricts the airflow producing bacterial contamination, blockages and resistance to the airflow. This makes your system work harder - costing you more through higher energy bills, repairs and replacement parts as well as results in symptoms such as illness, bad odours and leaks and reduced cooling. It can even get to the point that your air-conditioner is spreading mold throughout your house from the air circulating due to your unhygienic unit.

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